Yawoa info

Shenzhen yawoa High tech is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to automotive electronic products such as Internet of Vehicles (IoV) products, car detectors, code readers, and reverse radars. It is a leading domestic company in automotive detection technology and services. The company has always adhered to the principle of "shaping the automotive service brand with the spirit of craftsmanship", and with an innovative and pragmatic philosophy, has promoted the technology and services of Yahua High tech to the world. Since its establishment, the company has always emphasized the protection and autonomy of intellectual property rights, and has applied for more than 60 intellectual property rights, including more than ten invention patents and more than 20 design patents; Trademarks have been applied for registration and protection in over 20 countries and regions. The company's business covers nearly 200 countries and regions across seven continents worldwide, and has accumulated nearly 200000 basic customer groups. At the same time, strategic cooperation has been established with leading domestic listed company brands, moving forward hand in hand in technology and market. The global automotive aftermarket is growing at an explosive pace every year. With the development of the company and the continuous enrichment of market demand, Yahua High tech has maintained rapid development and achieved impressive results, gradually becoming a leading technology and service brand in the industry. Although we have achieved some results, the road ahead is still far. We will uphold the determination of Asian Chinese's golden quality, continue to advance our career, and strive for more outstanding talents who are willing to grow together with Asia China, grow together, and create the future!